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My research has been presented and published at international conferences, in journals, and in books. The following is a selected list of associated publications that are widely available. If you would like to learn more please feel free to 'contact us'.

"Congratulations! This outreach is vital to spread understanding of the potential of design for social change"

- Peter Kercher, Design for all Europe


"Thank you for submitting your Chapter for the book: Perspectives on HCI Research with Teenagers. Your work is very interesting and makes an excellent contribution to the overall content"

- Linda Little, Editor


"This work ...adds new perspective to the area of Universal, Inclusive, and Participatory Design"

- The International Journal of Design Studies

Toward a More Sustainable and Environmentally-Friendly Design Future: Applying Remote User Feedback Methods to Business Case and Commercial Product Development

AS Journal of Computer Sciences (2022).

Applying User Centred Design in Healthcare Settings

Proceedings of the International Conference on Trauma Surgery Technology in Giessen, 1-31 (2018).

An Overview of Participatory Design Applied to Physical and Digital Product Interaction for Older People

Journal of Multimodal Technologies and Interaction (2018).

Design for Disability Documentary

How User Centred Design can enhance interaction with Assistive Technologies (2016).   

Listen while the User Speaks: Harnessing User Insights to Improve Wheelchair Interaction and Design

Set for Britain Awards, House of Commons, United Kingdom (2016).

Applying Simple UX Ideation Techniques to Improve the Usability, Design, and Adoption of Assistive Technology

International Design Conference (DESIGN 2016), Dubrovnik, Croatia (2016).

User Centred Design Method for the Design of Assistive Switch Devices to Improve User Experience, Accessibility and Independence International Journal of Usability Studies (2016).


Involving Teenagers Today in the Design of Tomorrow's Technology

Little, L., Fitton, D., Bell, B., Toth, N. (Eds.) Perspectives on HCI Research with Teenagers (2016).

Creating and Testing a Model-Driven Framework for Accessible User-Centric Design

The Design Journal (2016).

Future Proofing Tomorrow's Technology: UX for an Ageing Population

User Experience Magazine. UXPA, 15.1 (2015). 

Demonstrating a Methodology for Observing and Documenting Human Behaviour and Interaction

International Design Conference (DESIGN 2014), Dubrovnik, Croatia (2014).

Applying User Centred and Participatory Design Approaches to Commercial Product Development

International Journal of Design Studies (2014).

Investigating Shared Space Interaction to inform the design of an Intelligent Mobility Aid for Older People

DALi: Devices for Assisted Living (2013).

Exploring Prior Experience and the effects of Age on Product Interaction and Learning

Proceedings of Human Computer Interaction International (HCII2013), Las Vegas, United States (2013).

Increasing Mobility in Older Adults: Early Findings from the Devices for Assisted Living Europe-Wide Project

Journal of Aging and Physical Activity (2012).

Developing Mashup Tools for End-Users: On the Importance of the Application Domain

International Journal of Next-Generation Computing IJNGC Vol.2,3 (2012).

Evaluating the Role of Prior Experience in Inclusive Design

University of Cambridge, Department of Engineering (2011).

User Experiences of Product Interaction

University of Cambridge, Department of Engineering (2011).

Evaluating the Design, Use and Learnability of Household Products for Older Individuals

Proceedings of the 24th HCI International Conference, Orlando, Florida, USA (2011).

Observing Learning and Conceptual Development through Novel Product Interaction

Proceedings of the 24th BCS Interaction Specialist Group Annual Conference on People and Computers, V1, Dundee, United Kingdom (2010).

Considering Prior Experience and Expectation in Automotive Safety System Development

Proceedings of the 4th Irish Human Computer Interaction Conference, iHCI 2010, Dublin, Ireland (2010).

Prior experience and learning: Generational Effects Upon Interaction

Designing Inclusive Interactions. Springer-Verlag: United Kingdom (2010).

Investigating Prior Experience and Product Learning through Novel Interface Interaction

5th International Conference on Universal Access in Human-Computer Interaction (Part I), San Diego, California, USA (2009).

Developing a Calibration Model for Degrading Vehicular Performance: A Human Factors Approach to Safety Critical Systems Implementation University of Lancaster, Department of Psychology and Computing (2002).

An Investigation into the Optimal Physical Location of In-car Navigation Systems

University of Bournemouth, Department of Applied Psychology (2001).

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